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The key that unlocks vocabulary? ROOTS.
The key that unlocks roots? Vocabulary Vine.
More fun, more reinforcement, less money!

Vocabulary Game: Bingo
Free Vocabulary Bingo resource. Print various
bingo cards from your own word list.

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Vocabulary Bingo
  1. Open the Vocabulary Bingo template. Save it as vocabbingo. Then on your menu bar at the top of the window, select FILE and SAVE AS. Save it again as bingobackup, as a back-up file. Now open the file you called vocabbingo.

  2. Enter your information on the table, NOT on the bingo card. For example, just below where it says, "Vocabulary term," replace "vocab 1" with your first term. As you finish typing each term, use the ENTER or TAB key to move to the next square.

  3. Enter your vocabulary terms in the first column, and the definitions in the second column. As you do, the vocabulary terms will appear on the bingo cards.

  4. Print out both pages on cardstock. (You may want to print them onto paper first to check the layout.) The caller will need to call definitions from the list randomly, so cut the definitions into strips to shuffle. You could also checkmark the definitions as they are called, as long as you don't call them in order.

  5. When you call a definition, the players mark the corresponding vocabulary term on their cards with pennies, dry beans, etc. The first player with five in a row (or four corners) wins.

  6. To reuse the file, simply enter new terms in the table. The bingo cards will reflect the new terms. I recommend that you save your set of terms and definitions in a separate file, so you can copy them back in later if you'd like to play the same list again.

  7. See the links above for more ideas about how to teach vocabulary. What's the most effective tool for learning vocabulary? Roots. 95% of upper vocabulary is based on Latin & Greek roots. What phonics is to reading, that's what roots are to vocabulary: the tools to decipher a multitude of words. And learning roots can be fun because playing around with words is fun. Find out how.

Solutions to Common Problems
  1. The words don't fit in the bingo squares. Change the font in the bingo squares to a smaller number, until your words fit.

  2. The bingo cards or vocabulary table extend onto a second page. Try changing the page margins: on your menu bar at the top of the window, select FILE and PAGE SETUP. Make the margins smaller. If that doesn't work, change the row heights of the squares on your bingo cards: on your menu bar at the top of the window, select FORMAT and ROW HEIGHT.

  3. I need more bingo cards for each vocabulary set. It's easy to make different cards using the same vocabulary terms. Copy your vocabulary list into a new file. Rearrange the list. You could do this with a TOOLS - SORT command, or you could simply cut the top half of the list and paste it in after the bottom half. Then copy your rearranged list back into the bingo file. DO NOT rearrange the list while you're working in the bingo file because you will mess up how the bingo cards read the entries on your list. Rearrange it in a separate file instead.

  4. How do I enter a new vocabulary list? Simply enter new terms and definitions on the table. As you do, they will replace the old terms on the bingo cards.

  5. My file doesn't work anymore. That's why I had you make a backup file when you started. Open bingobackup and save it as vocabbingo - overwrite the damaged file.

  6. I'm too busy to fill in the list. Go to Word Lists and use some of the ready-made lists.

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