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United Streaming Information

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  1. Thank you, momof10, for writing this up. You did a marvelous job!

  2. This page is an overview and introduction. It is not a detailed explanation, nor do I want it to be. If you have further questions, go to the United Streaming site or one of the homeschool boards like WTM K-8.

  3. Momof10 created a Yahoo group for users to share more detailed info. e-mail her at Tell her you want to join, and where you heard about the loop.

  4. Please forgive my outline format. By using an automated format, I was able to create this web page in 20 minutes instead of three hours. But I know the paragraph numbering system is goofy.

I. Introduction: Brief Explanation

United Streaming is an online service provided by Discovery Education which provides access for educators to thousands of full-length videos, video clips, clip art, lesson plans, etc. Videos and audio files can be watched online with either Windows Media Player or Real Player, or they can be downloaded for viewing later.

II. Access to the Service

Access is free to some, and available to others for a fee.

  1. The Free Trial.
    If you are a homeschooler who is *not* eligible for a free subscription, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to see if you think it is a resource that would be worthwhile for your family. Simply go to and click on free trial under the New Users section.

  2. Who Can Get It.
    1. Who can access for free, and how.
      According to the United Streaming website, NY, GA, LA, SC, IA, AR or RI you might already have access to unitedstreaming! Please contact us by phone at 1-800-323-9084 to set up your account.
    2. Paid Subscription.
      If you are not eligible for a free subscription and are a homeschooler, you can sign up for United Streaming for $149 per year.

  3. System Requirements.
    There is a link at the bottom of the home page that you can click on to open a page that will check your system's requirements. (I could not find a specific listing of exactly what the minimum requirements were exception for screen resolution.)

  4. Who cannot get it.
    Everyone in the US should have access, either through a free subscription or through a paid subscription.
III. How to get shows

The page layout may be different for different subscribers. I can access US either directly through US or through our public broadcasting system page. Both open up in different page formats. Also, some have reported that they have access to some programs through United Streaming that others cannot access.

  1. Searching and Browsing Listings.
    You can search for materials using several different search criteria including title, subject area, grade level, type of media, producers, etc.

  2. Download Shows
    1. Procedure click on the link

    2. Download Time & File Size. This varies depending on the length of the video and the quality of the file. Be advised, with dial-up service, a 30-minute show can take two or three hours to open (this does not include viewing time).

    3. Saving to Disk.
      Shows can be saved to CD or DVD to play later on a computer equipped with Windows Media Player or Real Player. If you have a program that can convert files to a media format your DVD player can play, you can also convert the files and burn them to DVD to watch on a TV. Please note: the quality of the picture is not very good.

    4. Watching Shows.
      Most people watch online. The videos open in a small screen format and are very clear. If you enlarge the picture on the computer screen, it loses it s clarity. Some have suggested sitting further away from the screen to make the larger screen size appear clearer.

IV. Content

There is no real way to start to list what content is included because of the sheer number of videos, clips, sound files, etc. that is available. There are complete science, history, and language courses for elementary and high school levels, plus there are multitudes of other popular educational programs such as Magic School Bus, Animated Heroes, Bill Nye (for some subscribers), Slim Goodbody, etc. There are also many quality producers whose work is available including Discovery School, Weston Woods, AIMS, etc.

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