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I am beginning to learn about traditional Mexican music styles. I have listed what I have observed thus far. I don't pretend to be an expert and would welcome further information, especially other popular regional styles, and a second representative performer for each of the last two categories.

  1. Mariachi.
    • Trumpets prominent. Includes violins.
    • Large bands. Members wear charro costumes.
    • Mariachi Garibaldi
    • Mariachi Sol de Mexico

  2. Norteņo.
    • Accordian prominent.
    • Harsher voices.
    • Tigres del Norte
    • Ramon Ayala

  3. Banda.
    • Tubas prominent.
    • Rowdy mixture of instruments.
    • Banda el Recodo
    • Banda Machos

  4. Duranguense.
    • Mix of instruments including brass.
    • Melodious voices. Strong oom-pah sound.
    • Alacranes Musical
    • Grupo Montez de Durango

  5. Ranchera.
    • Solo singer.
    • Lovely music.
    • Vicente Fernandez.

  6. Balados y Boleros.
    • Solo singer. Style of It's Impossible.
    • Sounds less traditional Mexican than Ranchera.
    • Luis Miguel