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Two fellow DuoLingo users have created helpful pages to supplement our study of Spanish on DuoLingo. Meiri-Ri created worksheets to supplement Duolingo lessons. Thank you, Meiri-Ri, for letting me post them here. Brooke Lorren posted grammar explanations for DuoLingo lessons on her Hub Page. Thank you, Brooke, for your helpful pages. I will add the links for more lessons as they become available.

Skill Worksheet Answer key Grammar notes
Basic 1 worksheet answer key grammar notes
Phrases worksheet answer key grammar notes
Basic 2 See Basic-1 worksheet See Basic-1 answer key grammar notes
Food & Animals worksheet not needed  
Plurals worksheet answer key  
Possession worksheet answer key  

Brook also describes how to change your keyboard layout for foreign languages. After you change your keyboard to Spanish, how do you type the special characters? For accented vowels, type an apostrophe followed by the vowel (not simultaneously). For ñ use the semicolon key.

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