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Corresponding Chapters in
Tapestry of Grace 2 (TOG-2)
and Story of the World Vol. 2 (SOTW-2)

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Elizabeth B. in NC of the Well-Trained Mind boards compiled this table showing which section of TOG (Tapestry of Grace-2) correlates to which chapter in SOTW-2 (Story of the World Vol. 2: The Middle Ages). Thank you, Elizabeth, for letting me post it here.

Chap Topic Chap Topic
1 Review Year 1 Threads 1 The Glory that Was Rome
2 Byzantine Empire 4 The Byzantine Empire
  Early Evangelists 2 The Early Days of Britain
3 Rise of Islam 6 Rise of Islam
    7 Islam Becomes an Empire
    12 The Islamic Invasion
    5 The Medieval Indian Empire
    8 The Great Dynasties of China
    9 East of China
    10 The Bottom of the World
4 Dark Ages 3 Christianity Comes to Britain
  Monasticism 11 The Kingdom of the Franks
  Vikings 13 The Great Kings of France
    14 The Arrival of the Norsemen
5 Making of Medieval Europe 15 The First Kings of England
6 Medieval Life: Feudalism 16 England After the Conquest
    17a Knights and Samurai
7 Of Popes & Princes:
Crusades, Indulgences, Inquisition
18 The Age of Crusades
19 A New Kind of King
    17b The Diaspora
8 Mongols, Marco Polo
and the Far East
21 The Mongols Devastate the East
22 Exploring the Mysterious East
    20 Knights and Samurai
9 Late Middle Ages:
Reshaping of Western Europe
12 The Islamic Invasion (Review)
23 The First Russians
    24 The Ottoman Empire
    25 The End of the World
    26 France and England at War
    27 War for the English Throne
    29 African Kingdoms
    30 India under the Moghuls
10 Early Lights:
Gutenberg & Pre-Reformation Saints     
35b Gutenberg's Great Invention
11 The Southern Renaissance 35a The Renaissance
12 Age of Exploration:
Early Explorer and Columbus
28 The Kingdoms of Spain & Portugal     
31 Exploring New Worlds
13 Later Explorers    
14 Spanish Dominion & the New World
Aztecs and Incas
32 The American Kingdoms
33 Spain, Portugal and the New World
15 The Northern Renaissance: Erasmus    
16 The Reformation:
Luther & the German States
34 Martin Luther's New Ideas
36a The Spread of the Reformation
17 Reformation in Switzerland,
England & Scandinavia
39 England's Greatest Playwright
18 Counter Reformation:
French Huguenots & the Netherlands
36b The Council of Trent
19 Elizabethan England & the
Scottish Reformation
38 England's Greatest Queen
42 Empires Collide
20 Early English Colonies in
America: Jamestown
40 New Ventures to the Americas
21 Early English Settlements:
41 Explorations in the North
22 Other Early European Colonies:
Early Documents
37 The New Universe

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