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Story of the World Vol. 3
Timeline Figures
compiled by Gigi

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Gigi of the Well-Trained Mind boards compiled this table showing which timeline figures are available for the chapters of SOTW-3. Thank you, Gigi, for letting me post it here.

Note: HTTA is the History Through the Ages CD-Rom. SL are the Sonlight Timeline Figures for Cores 6 & 7. They use SOTW and are also drawn by Amy Pak. Feel free to send me any corrections. I added a few extra timeline figures for American History and did not date every individual. Finally r = ruled.

Chap. Location Timeline Figures HTTA SL
1 Europe Charles V (Holy Roman Empire) r. 1519-1556 Y  
Phillip II (Spain) r. 1555-1598 Y Y
Ferdinand I (Roman Empire) r. 1556-1564    
2 Europe William the Silent (Netherlands) 1567 Y Y
Dutch Revolt 1567 Y  
Queen Elizabeth I (England) 1558-1603 Y Y
Mary, Queen of Scotts r. 1560-1568 d. 1587 Y Y
John Knox Y  
3 Europe/
N. America
James I (England) r. 1603-1625 Y Y
Guy Fawkes 1605 Y Y
Jamestown founded 1607 Y Y
John Smith/Pocahontas m. 1614 Y  
4 N. America Northwest Passage 1587 Y  
Champlain 1608 Quebec Y Y
Hudson 1609 Y  
5 Japan Hideyoshi unifies Japan 1592 r. 1582-1598    
Samurai 1192-1868 Y Y
Ieyasu Tokugawa r. 1603    
6 N. America William Bradford 1620    
Mayflower/Plymouth 1620 Y Y
Squanto Y  
Massasoit Y  
Massachusetts Bay Colony 1630 Y  
John Carver Y  
First Thanksgiving 1621 Y  
Stuyvesant b. 1592-1672 Y  
7 Africa Slavery    
Queen Nzinga 1583-1663    
8 Middle East Persia- Safavud Abbas I r. 1588-1629   Y
Ottoman Turks-Murad r. 1623-1640   Y
9 Europe 30 Years War 1618 Y Y
Ferdinand II (Roman Empire) r. 1619-1637    
Gustavas II (Sweden) r. 1611 Y  
Richelieu (France) r. 1622-1642 Y  
10 Asia Ieyasu Tokugawa r. 1603-1605 (Japan)    
Iemitsu Tokugawa r. 1623-1651 (Japan)   Y
Manchu take over China 1644   Y
11 India/Moguls World Seizer" Jahanger r.1605-1627   Y
King of the World" Shah Jahan r.1628-1658   Y
Taj Mahal 1653    
Conqueror" Aurangzeb r. 1658-1707    
12 Europe Charles I (England) 1625-1649 (executed) Y  
Oliver Cromwell (England) r. 1653-1658 Y Y
Charles II (England) r. 1660-1685 Y  
Plague 1665 & Fire 1666    
13 Europe Louis XIV (France) r. 1643-1715 Y Y
14 Europe Frederick the Great (Prussia) 1740-1786 Y Y
15 Europe King Phillips War (Metacom) or    
The Great Swamp Fight 1675 Y Y
William Penn 1681 Y Y
James II r. 1685-1688 Y  
William III of Orange & Mary r. 1689-1702 Y Y
16 Europe Newton "Principia Mathematica" 1687 Y Y
Locke "2 Treatises of Gov't." 1690 Y  
17 Asia Peter the Great Russia 1682 r. 1689-1725 Y Y
St. Petersburg 1702   Y
18 Middle East Ottaman Turks    
Ahmet III "Tulip King" 1703-1730    
19 Asia Indian Empire Falls 1707    
Nadir Shah of Persia Attacks 1739    
East India Company Invade 1757    
Beginning of English Rule 1757 Total by 1858    
20 Asia Chi'en-lung forms Library 1735    
K'ang-his r. 1661    
21 Europe/
N. America
George I r. 1714-1727    
Louis XV r. 1715-1774    
George II r. 1727-1760 Y  
7 Year War 1756 aka "French & Indian War" Y  
22 N. America George III r. 1760-1820 Y  
Boston Massacre 1770 Y  
Boston Tea Party 1773 Y Y
American Revolution 1775-1783 Y  
First Continental Congress 1774    
Battle of Bunker Hill 1775 Y  
Declaration of Independence 1776 Y  
Freedom from British "Treaty of Paris" 1783 Y  
Paine "Common Sense" Y  
George Washington Y  
Thomas Jefferson Y  
James Madison Y  
Paul Revere Y  
John Hancock Y  
John Adams Y  
Patrick Henry Y  
Benjamin Franklin Y  
23 N. America Constitution 1788 Y Y
Bill of Rights 1791 Y Y
Washington becomes President 1789 Y  
24 Europe James Cook 1771 Voyage Y Y
25 Europe Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette r. 1774-1792 Y  
Maximilien de Robespierre r. 1793 Y  
Storming of the Bastille 7/4/1789 Y Y
French Revolution 1789 Y  
Reign of Terror 1793    
26 Asia Catherine the Great r. 1762-1796 Y Y
27 Europe/
N. America
Agricultural Revolution 1716 Y  
Steam Engine by James Watt 1769 Y Y
Eli Whitney Cotton Gin 1793 & Parts 1797 Y  
28 Asia Chien-lung r. 1735-1795 Qing Dynasty    
Opium Trade 1700's    
29 Europe/
N. America
Louisiana Purchase 1803 Y  
Bonaparte Emperor 1804-1814 Y Y
Battle of Trafalgar 1805 Y  
30 S. America Slave Revolt in St. Domingo 1791    
Dominigi & Toussaint r. 1801 Y  
31   Industrial Revolution 1750 Y  
32 N. America Lewis & Clark 1804 Y Y
Sacagawea Y  
33 Europe/
N. America
Napoleon defeated at Waterloo 1815 Y Y
War of 1812 Y Y
34 S. America S. America's Independence 1810 Y Y
Simon Bolivar & Sam Martin 1807-1824 Y Y
35 N. America Don Miguel 1810    
Mexico's Independence 1821    
36 Europe/
N. America
End of Slave Trade 1806-England & 1808 US    
1833 Emancipation in England Y  
37 Africa Shaka "Mfecane" or The Crushing 1818-1828    
38 N. America Indian Removal Act 1830   Y
Trail of Tears 1839 Y Y
Nat Turner Slave Revolt 1831    
39 Asia Opium War 1839-1842    
Inequitable Treaty 1842   Y
40 N. America Texas Alamo 1836 Y  
1846 Mexican American War 1846 Y  
41 Pacific Islands New Zealand 1840    
42 N. America 1849 Gold Rush Y Y

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