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Mark-It Map Helps

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What do you do with that doggone Mark-It Map? Here's what several moms have done to display it and store it. Thank you, Cheryl in SD, for gathering and arranging these posts and even making them into a web page! I would've never gotten it done, so I'm so glad you did.

From: Nan Kessler

We hang up our Mark-It map with Velcro. We put Velcro on the walls, then a piece in each corner of both sides of the map, so I can turn it over. It works great. Here's an example of how I'm using it. We read Paddington, who comes from Peru. We found Peru on the map, and put a little bear on it. On the states side, we have put a "1" in each of the states that was one of the original 13 colonies. We review states we know, or where people we know live. Recently we read a boook about pumpkins, which said Illinois considers itself the pumpkin capital of the world, so we put a big P on Illinois......etc.

Editor's note: If you use the hook side of the Velcro on the wall, and the fuzzy side on the map, it doesn't grab at every little thing as you walk by it.

I heard of someone else who covered a piece of large foam board with a fabric remnant. She then put velcro on the appropriate places on the maps and fabric board, so she can change maps (and sides of maps) as needed.

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Tacky Stuff
From: Serena

I put mine up on the wall using blue "FunTac". Obviously, I can only use one side, but that's all I need at the moment (I still have a coloring map on the wall from using SL2 last year with my older daughter). The FunTac is removeable, so I can turn the map around someday when I need it. I follow some of the suggestions in the IG about what to mark on the map, but not all of them. It's good for the kids to have some idea of where to find some of these things that they are hearing about. Also we mark other places that are familiar to us.

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Hooks and Rings
From: KC

Buy the metal rings that you can open and close (at any office supply/stationery store). Punch holes and use reinforcers on your maps/posters. (You may even want to use three holes). Put corresponding hooks on the wall. This way, you can hang as many like-sized posters, maps, etc. in the same space and just "flip" to the one you want each time, even flipping from front to back (in the case of the double sided ones, like Vis-a-Vis markable maps with US on one side and World on the other). I would just use regular reinforcers (you know, when you tear your IG and stick on one of those white reinforcers???! [s]). But the metal rings that I am referring to are a bit larger than a quarter, and have a hinge on them, and you can open them and put things on them---almost like a key ring. If you hole-punch and reinforce your maps, then you can hook ALL of them onto this metal ring, then use the ring to hang them on the wall hooks.

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Rolled in a Shade
From: Lisa R

I too love timelines, etc. on the walls, but we only have room for a world map in the playroom; there's no other wall space in the house. (I did get a cardboard poster-holding box at a teacher supply store, where we keep our other maps, timelines, etc.) Can you draw/mount a timeline or map on a vinyl rollershade which can be raised out of the way (or used on your windows)?

Clothes Line
From: Christina in Brazil

I strung a clothes line on the wall. Based on what we're reading, I hang our current maps on the line with clothespins.

Poster Frame

I have an old, cardboard, poster frame back that still has the horizontal mounting on the back. Now it is hanging on the wall with the map clothes-pinned on. Easy off, easy on!

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Dining Room Table
From: Carol in E. Oregon

I put our maps on the dining room table. At Costco I bought about 2 yards of their heaviest clear vinyl for $5, and I put this over the map. (I also put the pretty holiday tableclothes under the clear vinyl and it saves the table cloth from getting so dirty.) I don't worry about painting, markers, science experiements, etc. When we want to use fun/educational placemats, under the vinyl they go.

Under the Sofa
From: Carrie in NC

I don't have any wall space for maps. I keep our Mark-it Map, and other maps and charts, under the living room sofa along with a good world atlas. We pull it out and look at it as we read. Editor's note: If you use Velcro to mount it on foam board (from the office supply store), this can also be slid behind a couch or desk.

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Alternative to Mark-It Map
From: Tracy in TX

While I like the theory behind the Mark-It map I have never been able to come to a satisfactory display/use routine. Frankly, I really dislike that the darn thing keeps wanting to roll up on me so that whenever we take it out we have weight the corners. Also, at this young age I like labeled maps so they can have the satisfaction of finding the places on their own (and the reinforcement of reading skills that this provides). We have been using the map that came with our subscription to the God's World current event papers. Since the countries are already labeled, I have my son look for them by giving various types of directions. For example, I'll say, "Kenya is in the western part of North Africa." Or, "You'll find Iran in the E-8 area." While it is not as durable and re-usable, it does serve our current needs better than the Mark-It map.

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Smaller Maps
From: Tracy K.

I just bought two separate outline maps from a teacher's supply store for $2.95 each. They are a little bit smaller than the Mark-It Map, but much more cost effective. I think I will like being able to view the USA and the world map at the same time, to get a better idea of the scale of the USA to the world.

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