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Denise in CT writes, "My oldest is on the 32nd root and her retention with this program is amazing. It is easy to use, very thorough, and she is already finding roots in her vocabulary words and using what she has learned to define them. I can not tell you how 'worth it' this program is, and it is not expensive either."
Jeanne in CA writes, "I wanted to let you know we are using Vocabulary Vine with our 10-year-old, and it's going really well. We have a card game, but his retention is much better with Vocabulary Vine - and it's so painless for him to do, too. You've done a great job!"
Lisa in MD writes, "When the book arrived, I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for. We have been using Vocabulary Vine for 2 weeks now and it is so much fun. My daughter chooses it as her first subject (after Bible, of course)! I will be sure to let all my homeschool friends know about it."
Kim in TX writes, "My 11-yo son, who usually balks at anything requiring a pencil, is actually excited at the prospect of creating the cards."
Debbie in TX writes, "My kids love it and it is so easy and workable. We play a game on Fridays and that is a highlight. Thanks for making this so fun and EASY. I am selling my other roots curriculum."
Camilla in VA writes, "My son loves Vocabulary Vine and is so excited when new words show up in his life, and he can figure out the meaning by the roots! Who'd have thought a child would get excited about vocabulary?"
Claire writes, "I have VFCR, Words on the Vine, EFTRU, R&F, and V.V. (none of which I've used yet!). Of them all, I like Vocabulary Vine's layout best. It is a serious study but is easy for both the parent and student to do in small increments. I also like the built-in review and lots of ways to extend vocabulary."
Kelly, host of Resources & Refreshment For Homeschool Moms, writes, "I am just SO pleased with Vocabulary Vine. It is exactly what I have been looking for. It's an awesome resource."
Linda, a high school English teacher in IA, writes, "I love your Vocabulary Vine book! I teach 9-12 English, and we use it every day! My students are learning so much, and they enjoy the process. Thanks for creating such a practical, useful, powerful book!"
Katherine in CA writes, "My son had been using Scinece Roots and the card set for a week or so when he managed to lose the set. He's actually been after me to order more. You just can't imagine how unusual (and thrilling) it is for him to keep ASKING because he loves using them with biology. Send them on!"
Barbara in LA writes, "I have Scinece Roots and I absolutely love it! It will be one tattered book when we finish it. I have learned so much along with my children. Your book is wonderful!

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