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Click Here for SOTW-1 Workbook Pages

IMPORTANT: The workbook pages begin at Chapter 23. There are no workbook pages for Chapters 1-22. No one has ever made them. Jean, who made the pages for Chapters 23+, has no plans to make them because she's past that point. If you would like to make a set (being careful to omit copyrighted material like Jean did), I'm sure we can get them posted on-line for you. Thank you.

Click Here for SOTW-2 Wkbk Pages, ch. 1-23
Click Here for SOTW-2 Wkbk Pages, ch. 24-42

Angela of Jones Academy created these Notebook / Workbook pages for SOTW-2. Angela's pages cover chapters 1-23. Jen in NY followed Angela's format to cover chapters 24-42. Thank you, Angela and Jen, for sharing them with the rest of us. Regarding copyrights, this file references only chapters and titles; it does not include any SOTW content.

The following are Jean's instructions for how she created her student workbook. The same instructions work for Angela's & Jen's files. For each chapter:

  1. Checklist page - print from the file
  2. Main Point page - print from the file
  3. Map page - insert from student pages of AG
  4. Coloring page - insert from student pages of AG
  5. Insert any other pages from AG corresponding to the specific chapter
  6. Test page - insert from AG
  7. Reading List/ Project page - print from the file

Punch and bind with spiral binding at Kinko's for about $5. I took the rest of the Activity Guide to Kinko's and had it bound separately as a Teacher's Guide, placing the Answer Key for the tests at the back. It is really very useful like this!